Literally Pirate Sailing?

Aye. This is not a board game nor a mock battle, it be actual sailing. Yar!

Your cannons, boatly treasures and honor are at stake.

Here be the general Piratin' Objectives:

  • Learn quickly from yer Captain and shipmates.

  • Attain proficiency in both crewing and sailing skill o'er time.

  • During Battle

    • Always be aware o' yer surroundings, eyes peeled fer danger

    • Acquire cannons, grog & loot from enemy ships

    • During Team Battles, do not betray ships in yer own squadron

    • Appreciate timing & tactics over strength & speed

    • Recruit willing civilian ships into the fray

    • Taunt enemy ships relentlessly

How do I come aboard?

Th' requirements fer living th' piratin' life be simple:

  • Confident swimming proficiency

  • Physical ability to handle yourself on a boat

  • Will take commands without hesitation from yer Captain.

To RSVP subscribe to the Facebook Group and respond to Call to Battle posts. Battles may be announced for various cities on the main wall.


What be the rules!

Aye, thar be a few rules. Moreover, disrespectin' the rules o' battle will result in dishonorable discharge from the fleet. The sole purpose of the rules is to avoid serious injury and death.

Piratin' Code of Battle:


    • Your Captain will:

      • Stay at least one boat-length apart from other vessels.

      • Announce tacks/jibes loudly & clearly (preferably in Piratin' English)

      • Maintain a bow-watch-gunner at all times who communicates incoming traffic and potential dangers to the Captain. Must never be a soft-spoken pirate. This position be notorious fer droppin' cannons

    • You will:

      • Always be aware o' yer surroundings, eyes peeled fer danger

      • Do not allow the boom to hit ye in the noggin, pay attention!

      • Generally stay low & balanced. Be alert for tacks and jibes.

  • Raiders shall surrender if they are intercepted while stealing booty. In other words don't wrestle over cannons; Raiders must surrender in this situation. Raiders, be sly, use timing and tactics to escape unnoticed with the booty.

  • Once a raider has clapped ahold of your boat IMMEDIATELY help them aboard even though ye don't fancy it. A dragging raider could be injured easily in a collision.

  • Do not abandon a raider if there are no other boats close by. However it is acceptable to taunt and sail 'round them in circles until they be pleadin' for mercy.